The Stomatological Faculty @ KSMU


Specialty – “Stomatology” (Dentistry)

Qualification – Doctor of Stomatology (Dentist)

Duration of the course – 5 years

The faculty of Stomatology was opened at Kursk State Medical University in 1997. At present more than 300 students are currently being trained at the faculty.

Training is provided at 49 departments of the University. The faculty teaching staff comprises 60 D.Sc., 177 Ph.D., 2 honored scientists of the Russian Federation, more than 35 academicians and corresponding –members of different Russian and international academies. 10 honored physicians of the Russian Federation work at the departments of the clinical profile, actually all the teachers have the higher or the first medical category.
The curriculum consists of 6 blocks of disciplines: humanities and socio-economic sciences, natural sciences, medico-biological, medico-preventive, clinical and special disciplines.

On completion the fifth years of the stomatological faculty the graduates undergo further clinical specialization or internship course in 5 specialties.

The sphere of the professional activity of the graduate may be medico-preventive institutions, scientific research institutes and laboratories of the medical profile, higher or secondary educational institutions where a graduate may work as a physician-stomatologist, a research assistant or a teacher.