The Pharmaceutical Faculty @ KSMU


Specialty– “Pharmacy”

Qualification – the Master of Science in Pharmacy

Duration of the course – 5 years

Established in 1966 the faculty has enjoyed 40 years of success training than 10,000 pharmacists since it began activities. They are engaged in practical pharmacy in all regions of Russia. Among the faculty graduates of all years there are 23 D.Sc. and 123 Ph.D. Among founders of new schools and original trends are professor, corresponding–member of the International Academy of Informatization V.L. Bazarny, professor V.N. Bubenchikova, professor, corresponding –member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences G.A. Chaly, professor T.A. Pankrusheva, professor L.Ye. Siplivaya.

The training of pharmacists is provided at 28 departments of the University. The faculty teaching staff includes 40 D.Sc, more than 150 Ph.D.

The curriculum consists of 4 blocks of disciplines: humanities and socio-economic sciences, natural sciences, medico-biological, professional and specialty disciplines. The course graduates can obtain the basic specialty having undergone training in internship (primary one year study) in the following specialties:

Pharmaceutical Administration and Economics, Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy or in full-time or correspondence post- graduate course.

The sphere of the professional activity of the graduates comprises effective administrative and productive activity: in pharmaceutical institutions and companies, in the centers for quality control of medicinal drugs (control and analytical laboratories), in toxicological and biochemical laboratories, at pharmaceutical enterprises, in research institutes, etc.

Professor  Irina L. Drozdov.

Ph.D. Holder, Doctorate in Pharmacology and Botany

Dean of the Pharmaceutical Faculty


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Professor Irina L. Drozdov. Ph.D.
Dean of the Pharmaceutical Faculty