Faculty of International Students


Specialities: - “General Medicine”, “Pharmacy”, “Stomatology” and “Social work”

Established in 1991 the faculty of international students has trained more than 1,000 Doctors of Medicine, stomatologists (dentist) and pharmacists.

7 graduates of the faculty defended theses for the degree of Ph.D. Citizens from over 30 countries worldwide are currently studying at the University. Most graduates have successfully passed qualification examinations in their native countries and work in the chosen specialty. About 1,200 foreign students present in the university at any given time.

The training is carried out at 57 departments of the University. The faculty teaching staff of 650 teachers include 76 D.Sc. 298 Ph.D., 2 honoured scientists of the Russian Federation, honoured worker of higher school of the Russian Federation, more than 40 academicians and corresponding - members of the Russian and international academies. 10 honoured physicians of the Russian Federation work at the departments of the clinical profile, actually all the teachers have the higher or the first medical category.

The curriculum consists of 5 blocks of disciplines: humanities and socio-economic sciences, natural sciences, medico-biological, professional and special disciplines.

The faculty graduates undergo clinical specialization in 36 specialties, internship course in 32 specialties, post-graduate course in 51 specialties. The sphere of the professional activity of the graduates is determined by the acquired specialty and includes public health, social protection, pharmacy, medical and biological sciences, medical education, economy of public health.
The graduates of the faculty working in different countries. Many of them have successfully passed the qualification examinations in the USA, Canada, Germany, Lebanon, Sri-Lanka and are currently working in clinics. 

The graduates - Masters of Science in Pharmacy work in companies, they are engaged in production and realization of drugs and possess their own drugstores and are prosperous in this business.


Dean of the Faculty of International Students


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Professor Y .D. Lyashev

Dean of the Faculty of International Students