Faculty of Post-Diploma Education


Qualification − Medical Officer, Pharmacist, Doctor of Medico-Prophylactic Business, Podiatrist, Stomatologist

Duration of the course − post-graduate course : 3 years (1Year Internship + 2 year residency)

Raising the level of skills − from 72 to 500 hours.

Professional retraining − more than 500 hours.

The faculty of advanced training of doctors was established in KSMU in accordance with the order of Public Health of the RF № 186 of 19.03.1986. In 1996 the faculty was reorganized into the faculty of post-diploma education and it has been developing since its establishment till nowadays. In 2006 the faculty prepared 3184 doctors, pharmacists and paramedical workers. During 15 years 26000 doctors and pharmacists of Kursk, Belgorod, Bryansk and other regions got certificates and diplomas of finishing the faculty of post-diploma education.

On the faculty there are different kinds of post-diploma and additional professional education of the specialties contained in the license that gives the right to render educational services in the sphere of secondary, high, post-diploma additional education:

clinical internship for people with high medical and pharmaceutical education; Clinical residency of clinical specialties on the basis of the plan of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Development of the RF; Raising the level of skills on the courses of general and subject development; Specialization of people with high medical and pharmaceutical education; Carrying out away precertificated courses of raising the level of skills; Professional retraining of medical and pharmaceutical workers during long educational programs (more than 500 academic hours), after finishing them graduates get diplomas of professional retraining; Professional training and improvement of specialists with secondary medical and pharmaceutical education.

Certification committee constantly functions on the faculty. It is the committee of 84 medical and pharmaceutical specialties approved by the Ministry of Public Health of the RF for doctors, pharmacists, paramedical and pharmaceutical workers. Nowadays the faculty uses the perspective training system for specialists in the sphere of Public Health, graduates get the unremitting post-diploma education: university − internship − residency − post-graduate course.

 Professor  V. N.  Mishustin

Dean of the Faculty of Post Diploma Ediucation


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Dean of the Faculty of Post-diploma Education
 Prof. V.N. Mishustin