Student Life


KSMU provides students with a world class education in and environment full of new opportunities and ideas which will help to shape your future. Learning new skills, meeting new and interesting people; making friends for life; these are all a normal part of the university experience and KSMU is no exception.


With over 5,500 students studying at KSMU (over 1,200 of which are international students) the campus is a bustling hive of activity and a real melting pot of multicultural cooperation. From sporting events, through to the arts, Kursk is a centre for innovation and culture like no other.


Our students are involved in a range of activities ranging from sports through to arts, social and other intellectual pursuits and enriching activities.  Campus life at KSMU has something to offer everyone, no matter what your interest.


There are many ways in which you can meet new friends here at KSMU for example by joining one of the many vibrant student societies, or creating one of your own! Our large and diverse student community makes for a very interesting environment to socialise, learn new skills and meet new people! 

You will also have the opportunity to visit local historic attractions for you to visit and explore with your new friends and learn more about Russian culture and history. You could spend hours at the local cafes, shops and museums or take a walk through one of the beautiful parks nearby.

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